Cable Assemblies

Here is a list of our capabilities with Cable Assemblies:

  • Power and Signal cables
  • RF Cable assembly with VSWR and PHASE MATCH
  • Up to 40GHz test capabilities
  • Semi-rigid and flexible coax cable processing
  • Semi-automated assembly and test fixtures for custom cable assembles.
  • Automated Wire/Strip/Terminating machines capable of auto term/term, term/solder, term/twist
  • LOW PRESSURE MOLDING  (Moldman 8000) •
  • INSERT OVERMOLDING (10)30 –Ton, (4) 75 –Ton (1)150-Ton
  • ENCAPSULATION – Automatic Epoxy Dispensing machines & other encapsulation equipment
  • WELDING • Variety of Resistance Welders. • Sonic welders.

Markets include:

Military, Commercial, Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, and Medical.


The products produced are either electronically or electro-mechanically based. The applications involve complex, branched wire harnesses. Including Electro-mechanical components such as sensors and over molded inserts and wire assemblies.

In general, our product content is a semi-automated combination of two or more processes, with mistake-proofing a key to our excellent quality record.

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