Control Panels

Building a Better Panel Each and Every Day. Here is a list of  capabilities we represent with custom control panels:

  • Micromotion keyboards
  • Membrane switch panels
  • Adhesive-backed overlay panels
  • Backlit keyboard panels
  • Decals & Nameplates
  • Silicon rubber keypads (conductive & nonconductive)
  • Metal panels (painted & screen printed)


Control Panels

Promark Electronics represents companies that provide custom user-interface products and printing services, ranging from sequentially numbered label and decal printing to precision graphic overlay and membrane switch components.

Examples of other product and printing services include:

  • Printed electronics
  • Capacitive touch keypads
  • Resistive touch keypads,
  • Flexible printed membrane circuits
  • Silicone rubber keypads
  • Backlighting
  • Tactile domes
  • Flex circuits
  • Instrument dials and gauges
  • Metal nameplates
  • Film insert molding
  • Related custom components and products

Non-printed products, such as:

  • Foam-rubber gaskets
  • ESD shielding
  • Flame-retardant insulators

We welcome all custom user-interface product and printing challenges.

"The best way I can say it is that working with Promark is like having another Commodity Manager on staff - without the cost of actually hiring one!"
"I'd say you'd saved us, at a minimum, over 3,000 hours of engineering time on our 1st project."
"All in all, our relationship with you has proven to be one of the most valuable in my experience...I would recommend your services to any company looking to improve their supply chain and lower their total cost."
"You have a lot to offer a customer. Product knowledge, technical resources that are cutting edge, and the ability to bring on new principals with the same attributes helps companies like mine save money, and remain leaders in our industry. It's the capability that creates a successful relationship."

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