LCD Panels

Promark represents companies that offer a wide range of TFT-LCDs featuring: high performance, long LCD life, advanced technology, and low cost. We have the capability to customize LCDs to match your solution and resource LCD panels based on the criteria of your need.

Known globally for offering an extensive selection of computer spare parts, device repair, and other manufacturing solutions, Promark’s partner has been a leading provider of high-quality LCD enhancement products and services for the industrial markets for over a decade.

Promark serves customers in all market segments: Medical, Marine, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Finance, as well as all branches of the US Military, leading the way in offering a broad range of custom panel solutions that improve standard display attributes. Our teams are experts in LCDs, from building simple or complex designs to integration work, including ruggedization and environmental solutions.

Benefits of our LCDs:

  • High Brightness Panels, 1000+ nits
  • Wide View Angle
  • Wide Range Temperature
  • Advanced LED Technology
  • Touch Panel Compatibility
  • RoHS-Compliant
  • NVIS-Compliant
  • Ruggedized
  • Environmental Protection
  • High Resolution Panels
  • End of Life resourcing solutions

What is a TFT-LCD?

A TFT-LCD is a type of active-matrix color LCD. An LCD (liquid-crystal display) that uses TFT (thin-film-transistor) technology has a transistor for each pixel. This transistor allows the current that triggers pixel illumination to switched on-and-off more quickly. The result: the amount of current needed to control each pixel is small, allowing for a quick response time, thus improving the image quality of the display.

Applications of TFT:

TFT Technology is used in applications within the Military and the Medical, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Transportation, Financial, Marketing, and Hospitality industries.

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