New Product Development

Promark Electronics, Inc. works with their highly acclaimed principals to support you throughout The New Product Development Process:

Idea Generation
Idea Screening
Concept Development and Testing
Industrial Design Services
Mechanical Design Services
Electronics Design
PCB Layout Services
Models manufactured for marketing feedback
Reverse engineering to create documentation that may not be available
Cost reduction projects to existing designs

Promark represents partners with the skills available to support New Product Ideas, Idea Screening, Conceptual Thinking and Out-of-the-Box Development Strategies.

With each client, they quickly acquire an understanding of:

  • customers’ applications and needs
  • cost analysis to meet target market entry price
  • the nature of the market

This strategic partnership results in:

  • a reduction of time to market
  • lower overall Unit Manufacturing Cost (UMC)
  • a quality product that not only meets but exceeds your goal

Let our committed professionals streamline your journey from concept to volume production.

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