Supply chain disruptions in today’s world with the Coronaviris being front and center, raw PCBs, and the vertical integration of Promark’s product offering is causing our sales to increase as the world’s manufacturing operations are flat or decreasing. US companies are near-shoring their supply chain in some cases, and are looking for safer havens for sources of supply. Promark has it! We’ve been selling raw PCBs for almost as long as the Printed Wiring Board has been around. What makes Promark unique in the market is that we have engineers in our office who can offer Design For Manufacturing recommendations (DFM). In addition to this, Promark offers PCB layout services from some of the best experts in the industry. This capability alone will cut your cost and increase your reliability.

Let Promark look at your preliminary board design so we can offer solutions to your design considerations while we decrease potential liabilities. We’ll examine your stack-ups and make recommendations if needed. The vertical integration in Promark’s raw PCB offering enables us to be a single-stop resource for both domestic and off-shore manufacturers. We can handle any raw PCB, from a very simple double-sided PCB or single-sided aluminum-clad board to a high layer count PCB up to 50 layers, having controlled impedance, blind and buried vias, etc. with equal ease. We also offer large format raw boards from 24 inches wide to 50 inches long. If you can design it, the suppliers we represent can build it! We deliver on quick-turn prototypes to support any New Product Development efforts you are working on; we can also seamlessly move your board into volume production when your designs are finalized. Whatever your needs are: flex circuits (FCAs), rigid-flex PCBs or raw-rigid PCBs, commercial or military ITAR-constrained circuit cards, or mil-spec PCBs, Promark has multiple solutions to offer from both domestic and off-shore facilities.