Printed Circuit Boards


Our customers are our most valuable asset. We understand that the circuit carries the life blood of your product. Promark’s Partner provides world class printed circuit boards and award-winning service to support you through any size production requirement. Many years in the industry and a constant attention to improvement has resulted in a proven track record of excellence in the areas of Quality, Customer Service, Communication, Capabilities, Technical Support and Logistics. 

Put our boards to the test! 

Custom Aluminum Extrusions


Promark Electronics’ commitment to vertical integration extends to Principles that are themselves vertically integrated. Our long-time Associate has the capabilities to take an aluminum part from initial design (supported by an experienced engineering team) through die creation, to extrusion, fabrication, machining, tooling, anodizing, and assembly. Whether you have a new design, or are exploring cost-saving options, we strive to provide you with the most creative, cost-saving solution!

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is a key part of Promark’s Service and is available throughout every step of your manufacturing process. Bare board prototypes are available in 1-3 days, cable harnessing in a week (AROM) and electronics assembly in 2 weeks or less (AROM). Custom sheet metal, tubular frames and enclosures, (including NEMA 4X) all ship in a fraction of the time compared to our competitors. Let Promark Electronics, Inc. help you get things done faster!

Design Services

Our services can add crucial expertise, resources in engineering, and the use of leading-edge capabilities for the development of your new projects, or the improvement of your current products. Our qualified engineers and professionals support your engineering team with electronics, software, and mechanical services that match your delivery model and needs. From the design of critical safety features of commercial products to the exacting design demands of medical products, Promark will help you find design solutions.

New Product Dev

Promark Electronics, Inc. represents key partners with the skills available to support New Product Ideas, Idea Screening, out-of-the-box development strategies and conceptual thinking. Your concepts will become reality in the hands of our qualified professionals.

Over Four Decades of Experience!

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration has been the crucial key to Promark’s history and success. Our chief goal is to be a “One Stop Shop” for our clients for custom design and manufacturing services. We complement the custom manufacturing capabilities with companies that supply Industrial, Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Designs, including software development and circuit board layout services when required. Vertical integration saves time, money and…

"The best way I can say it is that working with Promark is like having another Commodity Manager on staff - without the cost of actually hiring one!"
"I'd say you'd saved us, at a minimum, over 3,000 hours of engineering time on our 1st project."
"All in all, our relationship with you has proven to be one of the most valuable in my experience...I would recommend your services to any company looking to improve their supply chain and lower their total cost."
"You have a lot to offer a customer. Product knowledge, technical resources that are cutting edge, and the ability to bring on new principals with the same attributes helps companies like mine save money, and remain leaders in our industry. It's the capability that creates a successful relationship."

Contact Us Today!

Our dedicated sales team is ready to help you come up with a solution that works for you. You’ll have the right fit for your business needs and applications.

Contact Us Today!

Our dedicated sales team is ready to help you come up with a solution that works for you. You’ll have the right fit for your business needs and applications.